Cybersecurity Accountability - What Your Board Doesn’t Know Could Destroy The Business

  • Monday, 09 Aug 2021 1:00PM EDT (09 Aug 2021 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Greg Porter

Another year, but the same issues persist, organization after organization are being breached with financial impact, as both public and private sector entities continue to struggle with protecting their critical data sets. Relatedly, ongoing attacks against critical infrastructure have had a debilitating effect - impacting our economy and our way of life. In light of billions of dollars spent on cybersecurity, why do businesses continue to get breached despite what they may have thought was a sound plan? What are we doing wrong and how can your business improve?

Quite often, those tasked with defending the enterprise focus on the technological weaknesses of network infrastructure, cloud services, and endpoints, all would appear as valid things to focus on yet often result in the unintended exposure of data and, in many instances, the payment of millions of dollars in ransom as a means of resolving poor cyber hygiene. Cybersecurity is everyones responsibility and driving accountability across the enterprise must start with your board of directors!

Join us for this SANS webcast where well discuss a key, often overlooked root cause of numerous breaches the lack of cybersecurity awareness at the board level. Greg Porter will review the critical role your board plays in cybersecurity accountability and how the industry can further refine/tailor our approach to effectively communicating meaningful information at the director level to assist them with prioritized risk-based decision making focused on the right threats at the right time.