Cyber Insurance: What is Its Role in Your Security Program?

  • Thursday, 19 Nov 2015 3:00PM EST (19 Nov 2015 20:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Benjamin Wright, John Pescatore, Gary R. Hayslip
Two high-profile lawsuits are today pending between enterprises and their cyber insurers. In each case the enterprise paid for so-called 'cyber insurance,' but after a cyber attack happened, the insurer ultimately said the policy did not provide significant coverage. These lawsuits raise substantial questions about the role of cyber insurance in your security program. Is the insurance worth the investment? What should it cover? What should it not cover? Does it provide benefits beyond simple 'coverage' of risk? How does it compare to other commercial insurance? How do you evaluate the different components of a policy to determine what is right for your enterprise? What is the practical meaning of the different legal clauses in a policy? What is the role of negotiation in getting a good return on investment? How does cyber insurance stack up against other risk management techniques?