The Crazy New World of Cyber Investigations: Law, Ethics, and Evidence

  • Monday, 27 Apr 2015 1:00PM EDT (27 Apr 2015 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Benjamin Wright

Increasingly, employers and enterprises are engaged in cyber investigations. The explosion of cyber evidence about every little thing that anyone does or says creates a massive need for HR departments, IT departments, internal auditing departments, and other investigators to find and sift through it all.

Cyber evidence includes, for example:

  • Corporate emails (in which one employee may say something that is discriminatory toward another employee);
  • Social media posts (in which a prospective employee demonstrates that he or she might be a threat to co-workers or, alternatively, that they are an honest and ethical person);
  • Text messages or photos stored on a personal or corporate mobile phone (in which an employee indicates he or she is stealing trade secrets or, conversely, \trying to do the right thing");
  • Video cameras scattered around the workplace; and,
  • Time stamps on emails or text messages that indicate whether an employee is working overtime and is therefore entitled to overtime pay.

These cyber investigations are guided, motivated, and restricted by a blizzard of new laws and court cases.

More than ever before, firms need professionals with backgrounds in cyber forensics, cyber law, and computer privacy to help them oversee their businesses. Likewise, they need advice from lawyers, auditors, and managers with expertise in cyber investigations and the development of policy on data security, computer evidence, and individual privacy. This engaging webinar will survey the big trends in this dynamic field.