Containers Vulnerability Management: Time to Step Things Up!

  • Tuesday, 14 Jul 2020 12:00PM EDT (14 Jul 2020 16:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Zohar Kaufman

Don't just understand your risks ' prevent them.

Adding security to a container based implementation of DevOps is essential for the vulnerability management process. By shifting security to the left you can integrate security directly into your Ci/CD pipeline and use policies to break the build when you discover high severity vulnerabilities.

But what about the runtime environment?

How can you easily find and fix vulnerabilities in containers and Kubernetes applications that were deployed?

Join our Talk to learn how you can -

1. Monitor your images for newly discovered vulnerabilities.

2. Leverage tools that help to prevent vulnerabilities from making it into production.

3. Monitor your Kubernetes application for insecure configurations and combine this information with vulnerable image data to help prioritize issues.

4. Get runtime visibility into your various environments

5. Gain real-time risk assessment of deployed pods in runtime