Complying with Data Protection Law in a Changing World

  • Thursday, 29 Jun 2017 10:00AM EDT (29 Jun 2017 14:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Benjamin Wright, Neil Thacker

Failure to meet legal and political expectations for data security can torpedo your enterprise's reputation by exposing it to fines, lawsuits, negative publicity and regulatory investigations. These expectations are rapidly evolving across the world. In general, the expectations are calling for greater control over personal information. They are emerging at a time when public attention is focused on data security breaches. For many enterprises, effectively protecting your brand and meeting legal and political demands for security can be perplexing.

This webcast will explain methods that enterprises can deploy to lower the risks of non-compliance worldwide. It will identify major steps a large, multinational enterprise can take to assure the public, authorities and business partners that it is behaving responsibly and is on a commendable path of compliance.

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