Using COIN doctrine to improve Cyber Defense

  • Tuesday, 22 Aug 2017 3:30PM EST (22 Aug 2017 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Sebastien Godin

In today's ever-evolving cyber environment, the \bad guys" seem to prosper, and the "good guys" cannot seem to find a solution to create a proper defensive posture. 'As the cyber environment becomes an integral part of society, it is imperative to find a way to increase the global defensive posture in the most efficient way possible.'this paper will focus on possible security policies that are easy to implement, are proven, and have a significant impact on an enterprise's security practices and posture.'the argument will use field data and firsthand combat experience. 'Working within the framework of the cyber environment as an insurgency, applying proven counterinsurgency policies, there can be a great increase in security and a more efficient cyber defender.'the application of this solution gives the potential for the cyber defender to have a new set of tools for the cyber domain that are proven to be useful in the physical domain of a counterinsurgency.