Cloud Services - Look before you Leap

  • Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018 3:30PM EDT (19 Sep 2018 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: David R. Miller

Risky issues are usually overlooked before moving into cloud services.


As a security and compliance consultant, all too often I hear, 'We just completed our move into the cloud, and management is thrilled. Now, how do we make sure our stuff is secure? '


We all know and appreciate the massive benefits that an enterprise can recoup by migrating their IT assets and services into the cloud. Reduce the huge capital expenditures and ongoing operational expenses of building and maintaining your own datacenter by simply paying small monthly leasing fees to cloud service providers '. And they give you everything you ever wanted in performance, reliability, high availability, highly elastic capacity, disaster recovery. Who can resist? And how can this be a bad decision? Let's take a closer look and explore some of the many items overlooked and unconsidered BEFORE placing your most valuable information assets in the hands of people who don't love you like your mamma does, and they never will.