Challenges we face, repeatedly

  • Wednesday, 13 Feb 2019 1:00PM EST (13 Feb 2019 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Ron Schlecht, Jr.

There is also a chronic shortage of competent people in the cyber security space. So just at the moment when companies most need to be expanding their security teams, they are experiencing a chronic talent shortage. Further complicating, a major problem emerging in the industry is 'NOISE ' around tech solutions.'there are over 10,000 'security ' related companies that have started in the last decade. Much of this tech is all sex, sizzle and no trousers ' not living up to their claims, and certainly nowhere near the silver bullet they claim to be. Secondly, even if you buy these ' often very expensive ' tech solutions, if you don't have the security talent to properly configure, maintain and respond to the data these appliances are generating or pushing off, then you are left in an even worse position ' one where you have spent a lot of money, but not actually improved your security posture.

In this webcast, we'll discover a simple decision matrix that can be used in security buying scenarios, that helps decision-makers at every level gain a foothold on the first opportunity to narrow the vendor field. In addition, we'll take a deep dive in to the topic of managed security services, to properly categorize types of services that can be relied upon from 3rd party vendors.