Building Your Zero Trust Security Strategy With Microsegmentation: Why Digital Businesses Need A Granular Software Defined Network Segmentation Approach

  • Thursday, 25 Oct 2018 3:30PM EDT (25 Oct 2018 19:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Jack Koons, Chase Cunningham

The secure network perimeter is dead. As companies rapidly scale digital capabilities to deliver greater customer experiences and operational efficiencies, they also become substantially more complex to manage and vulnerable to cyberattacks. Digital transformation necessitates an evolution of their security approaches to one that can manage dynamic threats in a complex and ever-evolving technology landscape.

Special guest Chase Cunningham from Forrester will review the findings from a recent Unisys-commissioned Forrester survey that explores the security challenges companies face as they seek to digitally transform, the progress they've made toward adopting a Zero Trust security architecture, and the benefits they expect from network microsegmentation.

Unisys' Jack Koons will talk about how the Unisys Stealth software-defined encrypted microsegmentation security platform addresses your needs - and will discuss real-world practical applications and operational use case studies.