Breaking away from the spiral of “more” in security - Why the only “more” security needs, is more Attack Signal Intelligence

Nearly three-quarters of security teams don’t know where they are compromised right now.  We call this the unknown threat, and it has been gaining steam over the past couple years given the rapid shift to hybrid cloud services, storage, applications and identity.

In this webinar we explore why organizations more susceptible to unknown threats. We believe it boils down to three things, where at the heart of these three things, is the vicious spiral of trying to address more with “more.”

  • More attack surface exposure means more tools, which means more complexity.
  • More evasive attackers mean more rules, which means more alerts and more tuning.
  • More alert rules to tune and maintain means more analysts, more work and more burnout.

Attend this webinar to learn why the only “more” security need, is more Attack Signal Intelligence. Attack Signal Intelligence is to the unknowns what Threat Intelligence is to the knowns. Unlike other “AI” approaches that look for simple anomalies to tell security teams what’s different, Vectra’s Attack Signal Intelligence tells security teams what matters.