BlackEnergy 2: ICS-Focused Threats

  • Tuesday, 02 Dec 2014 1:00PM EST (02 Dec 2014 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Michael Assante, Tim Conway, Robert Huber

The emergence of ICS-focused technical threats has been forecasted for the last several years. The story has been unfolding with several important revelations. One of those is that ICS modules have been in existence for years and they have been used in attack campaigns dating back to 2011. What do we know- and what don't we know yet? Why are some organizations reporting destructive malware associated with ICS? This talk is the first in a new series of SANS ICS webcasts that provides our watchers a dossier on discovered ICS technical threats. These talks will provide a summary of the facts and highlight research into the behaviors and characteristics of threats used in real world attacks ' so you can hone your defenses.

This webcast series will begin to deconstruct emerging ICS-focused threats, which will be examined in greater detail, including live demonstrations of ICS attacks, at the 10th Annual ICS Security Summit & Training, February 23-March 1 in Orlando, FL.

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