Bad Bots Bad Bots, Whatcha Gonna Do? DevTools Gone Bad

  • Thursday, 04 Nov 2021 3:30PM EDT (04 Nov 2021 19:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Jake Williams, Sam Crowther, Founder and CEO

Adversaries are enriching automated attack tools and techniques by abusing legitimate open source DevTools. As a result, security teams are on the backfoot, and traditional security tools, like WAFs, and even specialized anti-bot systems which were built before these sophisticated DevTools existed, were not architected to defend against the new wave of bot attacks.

During this technical session, you’ll learn how you can quickly adapt to new and never-seen-before automated threats as Sam Crowther, Kasada’s Technical Founder, and Jake Williams, SANS Security Expert explore how and why:

  • Threat actors have evolved their toolkits from using Selenium to newer automation DevTools to mimic human behavior
  • Highly customized versions of Puppeteer, Playwright, and OpenBullet, enable fraudsters to launch attacks at scale
  • The fraud community collaborates to buy and sell bots designed to evade detection of security systems