Back to the Future: What Will Endpoint IR Really Look Like?

Let’s go back, way back to 2013 when AV was AV, whitelisting was whitelisting, and EDR ads were taking over airport terminals. Ah, the good old days.

News Flash! Dr. Emmett Brown just showed up and he’s got urgent news from the future. No matter how good your incident response capabilities are, they cannot stand on their own (sort of like Biff, who was nothing without his buddies).

To be effective, incident response (IR) must be part of an overarching strategy that includes prevention and detection. It must be integrated with and supported by SOC and adjacent services that identify, prevent, and detect threats regardless of source and location, internal and external, or on network or off.

Join SANS Instructor Greg Scheidel and BlackBerry’s vCISO Robert Fink as they discuss what we’ve learned about prevention, detection, and response in the past, what we can glean about the future of enterprise IT, and what it means for the future of your endpoint protection strategies.

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