SANS @MIC Talk - Prioritizing OT Security Efforts: The Five Tactical Things to Accomplish While Leadership Defines a Security Program

  • Wednesday, 27 May 2020 8:30PM EDT (28 May 2020 00:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Don C. Weber

Small to Medium size businesses with OT environments are realizing they need a plan to protect their process networks. SANS recommends considering using the NIST Cyber Security Framework to outline and implement a security program designed to the OT network's requirements. But what do the process engineers, programmers, field technicians, programmers, and IT staff do in the meantime?

This talk will cover the five tactical things an OT/IT team can do while leadership defines the direction of a security program for the OT environment. It will discuss quick wins that can be accomplished with equipment typically already deployed. These steps will also provide the leadership team with valuable information that will help prioritize future efforts and quickly improve vendor / integrator / MSP requirements for near-term greenfield and upcoming brownfield maintenance projects.