Taking Action: Effective Measures of Defense

  • Wednesday, 09 Nov 2016 3:00PM EST (09 Nov 2016 20:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Eric Cole, Richard Ford

Many organizations and security practitioners continue to struggle with effective security strategies. The sometimes overwhelming number of potential tools and technologies, which often are not integrated to best effect, often results in an uneven approach to overall security.

This SANS webcast, presented with Forcepoint, will look at the topic of integration to address the critical areas of cybersecurity and discuss how common security scenarios can be addressed with the framework of defending, detecting, deciding and defeating attacks, using real products.

Of special interest to attendees will be an attack scenario that will demonstrate minimizing an attack's impact through effective integration and tracking the attack through Forcepoint's tools.

You can view the new associated SANS whitepaper on the topic of effectively defending the enterprise through integration using Forcepoint products as the example here: https://www.sans.org/reading-room/whitepapers/intrusion/forcepoint-review-effective-measure-defense-37402