3 Ways to Increase Threat Hunting Effectiveness

In the past year, businesses have been continually under pressure to increase efficiency and keep costs down. This webcast will discuss the results of the SANS 2021 Threat Hunting Survey, and cover ways organizations can defend against yet-to-be-discovered network threats using NDR

The potential output of Threat Hunting strongly depends on three factors - visibility, skills, and Threat Intelligence. Recent survey reported ..

  • 51.3% of respondents say the primary barrier to success as a threat hunting team is a lack of skilled staff and training
  • 51% of organizations manually tracking their threat hunting activities
  • 42% Improved contextual awareness in hunting (as provided by data sources and tools)

Join this webinar to find out how NDR can increase Threat Hunting effectiveness. Guided-SaaS NDR supports strategic posture expertise and tactical threat expertise; moving security teams away from performing maintenance on their security systems with upgrades, patching, false positive tuning, etc.