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Several SANS courses have cutting-edge new content, and our authors have developed many brand new courses and GIAC certifications. Please see the event pages for course availability, and join us during a SANS Live Training Event for up-to-the-minute training you can use immediately.

New Courses Open for Registration

We are continually developing new courses, so you can learn the latest tools and technologies to keep your organization secure.

    SANS Live Training Events Featuring New Courses

    Learn real-world cybersecurity skills directly from top industry experts during SANS Live Training events featuring practical courses with hands-on labs, plus cyber range challenges and networking opportunities.

    SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2021

    Experience immersive cybersecurity training relevant to today’s top cyber threats. Join us Live Online or in Washington, DC for SANS Cyber Defense Initiative® 2021 (December 13-18) to learn from experienced cyber security practitioners and practice your skills during virtual NetWars Tournaments. New courses include FOR509, SEC595, FOR500, and SEC510.

    View a SANS Live Online Demo

    Are you curious to see how SANS Live Online works? SANS Live Online training events offer interactive courses taught by real-world practitioners, real-time support from GIAC-certified TAs, hands-on labs, an archive of course lectures uploaded to your account daily during the event, and four months of access to your course lectures after the event.

    In this Live Online demonstration, you will walk through several lab environments, including labs run in a VM on your computer and remotely accessed labs. You will also see how you can interact with peers, TAs, and your instructor using Slack.

    SANS Live Training Features

    • Training on the cutting edge: All courses are designed to align with dominant security team roles, duties, and disciplines.
    • Learn from the best: SANS instructors are active security practitioners who bring their extensive knowledge and real-world experiences to the classroom.
    • GIAC Certification: Several certifications align with SANS training courses, validating student mastery for professional use in critical, specialized InfoSec domains, and job-specific roles.
    • A Superior Investment: Focused, immersion learning, plus opportunities to network with and learn from other professionals.
    • The SANS Promise: You will be able to apply the skills and techniques you’ve learned as soon as you return to work.

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    Nobody else in the industry is as comprehensive as SANS or as up-to-date and knowledgeable. If you want to learn how to do your job right, I don’t think there's any better training out there right now.
    Ronald Craft
    - S-RM
    SANS courses are extremely valuable because of all the hands-on material and their connection to the real world.
    Tor Nilsson
    - SecurityLink AB
    The labs are giving me a chance to see the course content first hand and interact with it. It's doing a good job of letting me play with it and really seeing how the tools and methodologies work.
    Ryan Moeller
    - Eureka Strategic Consulting
    SANS training keeps individuals up-to-date with relevant cyber security information. I can now apply the skills learned towards further maturing my program.
    Nicholas Marriott
    - Pfizer
    SANS offers the ultimate in quality instruction and thoughtful curriculum development. I learned so much this week and can't wait to review and apply what I learned.
    Gabrielle S.
    - US Federal Agency
    The labs were very hands-on, and being able to manually go through these exercises gives me confidence that I can do these things in the future.
    Crystal Cleaveland
    - American Registry for Internet Numbers