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Cyber Security & SANS

Cyber Security & SANS

Cyber security

Cybersecurity is a term that has come to encompass a range of concepts including the practice protecting an organization's information, networks, computer, and resources against attacks from security attacks. The term is also used by institutions and government agencies to refer to the act of protecting assets, infrastructure and people against computer attacks. According to Peter Singer, director of the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence at the Brookings Institution, "There's no issue that has become more important, more rapidly, that is less understood than cybersecurity." To better understand cyber security and what it means for your organization and to you personally, please take a moment to review the information below.

SANS Cyber Security Training

SANS Cyber security training has become an essential part in developing a team that is capable of and ready to protect and defend an organization, institution, agency, or government entity. Results from independent surveys indicate cyber security attacks are increasing while at the same time a significant shortage exists of qualified individuals with adequate cyber security training. The SANS Institute is the global leader in cyber security training for corporations and government entities. Please take a moment to discover cyber security training courses and cyber security training events near you.

GIAC Cyber Security certifications

GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification) was founded in 1999 to validate the skills of cyber security professionals. The purpose of GIAC is to provide assurance that a certified individual has the knowledge and skills necessary for a practitioner in key areas of computer, information and software security. GIAC certifications are trusted by thousands of companies and government agencies, and are unique because they measure specific skills and knowledge areas rather than general infosec knowledge. Although there are other entry-level certifications available, GIAC offers the only certifications that cover advanced technical subject areas. Learn more about GIAC's cyber security certifications at

Cyber Security degrees and education

Cyber security masters degrees and graduate certificates in cyber security are available from the SANS Technology Institute. The SANS Technology Institute Master of Science degree programs offer candidates an unparalleled opportunity to excel in the two aspects of cybersecurity that are most important to the success of their employer and their own careers: technical mastery, and managerial competency. In addition to the cyber security masters degree program, the SANS Technology Institute makes shorter groups of courses available to students who are unable to commit to a full master's degree program. These cyber security graduate certificates will augment your skills, provide specialized training, enable you to earn employer-recognized GIAC certifications, and impart a specialized credential from the SANS Technology Institute that will help advance your career. Participants enrolled in these graduate certificate programs likely qualify for tuition reimbursement if their employer offers that benefit.

Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber security awareness is as essential at home as it is to organizations and institutions everywhere. Threats exist to our personal information such as our finances and medical records. Similarly, government agencies, military complexes, universities and public sector companies are under constant attack from ever-changing threat vectors including from within. SANS Institute's Securing the Human provides extensive set of cybersecurity awareness services and products to help keep our workplace and our personal information secure. Learn more about cyber security awareness training from

Cyber Security careers

Cyber security careers are becoming more popular. At the same time, there is currently a shortage of qualified individuals with experience and certifications to fill open cybersecurity jobs. Visit any reputable website and perform a search for cybersecurity jobs or jobs that require certain cybersecurity certifications, like GICSP, and you're likely to find dozens if not hundreds of available positions. Through our own surveys, SANS has compiled a list of the Top 20 Coolest Cyber security Jobs. If you possess certain certifications, you might view Information and Cyber security Jobs that require certain certifications.