Specialized Industry-Specific Training

Content developed by industry-leading experts, best-in-class learning principles capture interest and drive effectiveness

Get Security Awareness Training Specific to your Industry

As organizations increase their online footprint, cybersecurity training is essential for all. Some sectors require even greater specialized training, such as protecting PHI, understanding NERC CIP policy requirements, or handling Industrial Control Systems (ICS) incidents. SANS Security Awareness provides industry-specific training in addition to addressing the core human behavior risk topics.

Modular Online Security Awareness Training

What’s the difference between old security training and new, modular training? Old security training involves training a learner for a large chunk of time, once a year. New, modular training relies on a continual training model, one that offers timely, relevant content on current cyber threats, layered application of teaching through a variety of formats, segmented into small, learnable modules, and ongoing campaign training to increase retention and prevent security breaches.