Who said that Python was UNIX Best Friend Only?

  • Monday, 06 Jun 2022 6:00PM BST (06 Jun 2022 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Xavier Mertens

Python is a wonderful language, easy to learn, powerful and integrates perfectly with any operating system. Yes, who said that Python was only popular in UNIX environments? (read: Linux, macOS, etc). Today, there are more and more malicious Python scripts in the wild that work on Windows. They can interact with the webcam, keyboard to steal your data, they are able to interact with all Microsoft API calls and, therefore, preform more low-level action like process injection. Even ransomware can be developed in Python. You feel safe because Python is not installed on your workstations? No problem, Python can be installed easily from stage 0! In this talk, I'll present some findings that I collected for a while around Python malicious code in the Windows ecosystem.