WhatWorks in AppSec: ASP.NET Web API Security

  • Thursday, 14 Jan 2016 3:00PM EST (14 Jan 2016 20:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: NULL

In ASP.NET, Web API is the primary framework for building REST web services to support mobile and browser-based applications. These endpoints commonly perform transactions and data modifications that should be heavily audited for security issues, but are often overlooked.

In this webcast, Eric Johnson, lead author of the DEV544: Secure Coding in .NET course will discuss how to test and secure your Web API endpoints from common validation, error handling, authentication, authorization, CSRF, and transport layer encryption vulnerabilities. This webcast serves as a primer for developers or architects supporting Web API endpoints and will leave you with immediate takeaways to go secure your web services.

Take DEV544 and learn more about .NET security from Eric Johnson at SANS Orlando March 16th — March 19th.