WhatWorks in AppSec: ASP.NET Identity and AntiForgery Tokens

  • Friday, 24 Jul 2015 11:00AM EDT (24 Jul 2015 15:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Eric Johnson

Learn how to block authentication, authorization, and CSRF attacks in your ASP.NET MVC applications! In this webcast, Eric Johnson, the lead author of the DEV544: Secure Coding in .NET course will break down and demonstrate how to use ASP.NET Identity to stop brute-force attacks and implement access control rules in your applications. This presentation will also show you how to block CSRF attacks by using AntiForgey tokens. This webcast serves as a primer for developers or architects considering making the leap to .NET MVC and will leave you with immediate takeaways to go secure your applications.

Take DEV544 and learn more about .NET security from Eric Johnson at Network Security in Las Vegas September 14th ' 17th.

Can't travel? DEV544 will also be running in the online vLive format from October 27th ' November 19th.