WhatsApp End To End Encryption Demystified

  • Tuesday, 17 Dec 2019 10:30AM EST (17 Dec 2019 15:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Raul Siles

WhatsApp finally implemented end to end (E2E) encryption in 2016. This talk will perform an overall review and in-depth look at the technologies involved in that implementation, and more specifically, the Signal protocol. The Signal cryptographic protocol is becoming the de-facto standard and widely adopted reference for secure (instant) mobile messaging solutions, such as WhatsApp, Signal, Google Allo, Facebook Messenger, or Microsoft Skype. The goal of the talk is to explain the history, evolution, design, security properties and features, technical aspects, numerous keys and cryptographic components of this complex modern protocol, plus other associated algorithms and protocols, trying to facilitate its understanding to non-cryptographers ' Additionally, early this year, new improvements have been introduced for the protection of the end to end encryption capabilities in mobile asynchronous group messaging.