Whats covered in the SANS Advanced Web App Pen Testing Course SEC642? Thanks for Asking!

  • Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018 3:30PM EDT (15 Aug 2018 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Moses Hernandez

Adrien de Beaupre, the co-author of this course (SEC642), always tells me, "We need to make sure we are delivering the MOST ADVANCED web application penetration testing course in the world". He's a bit taller than me, and, truthfully, he can probably karate chop my head off as if he was Chuck Norris. So, Challenge Accepted!

Join us for this webcast where we ask: 'Do those Neck-Bearded, LumberJack Hipsters, who keep creating new frameworks keep you on your feet? '

They sure don't keep us on our feet, they keep giving us more bugs to find, and we have fun finding them.

Moses Hernandez is a SANS Instructor and co-author of SANS SEC642: Advanced Web App Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, and Exploitation Techniques and teaches the course all over the world.