Vertical Series: Cybersecurity in a modern world – Retail

In 2022, retailers are dealing with a number of issues that are hitting them hard. Not only do they have supply chain issues to deal with, but they are also being hit by several cyber threats including:

• Personal and payment data breaches

• A never-ending talent shortage and lack of cloud expertise

• The exponential rise of ransomware and highly capable attackers

While Google Cloud and other industry-leading Security Operations teams have resilient infrastructure and hyper-active defense capabilities, this has been far from reality for the majority of enterprises. In this session, Iman Ghanizada (Global Security Solutions Manager, Google Cloud), Jason Sloderbeck (VP, Business Development, Cyderes), and John Giglio (Senior Manager, Cloud Security, SADA) join forces to discuss a tangible path to modernize your SOC through the new, Autonomic Security Operations approach.