Updates to SANS\\' flagship penetration testing course SEC560 by SANS Certified Instructor, Erik Van Buggenhout

This webcast will also be available with Japanese simultaneous translation

SANS Certified Instructor Erik Van Buggenhout will share some exciting updates that have been made to SEC560! Throughout the webcast he will discuss new concepts and ideas that can help improve the overall value of penetration tests. He will explain the overall structure of the course and walk through a section of the course to provide a taste to students of the full course. During the presentation, Erik will share insights and stories collected during his career at European cyber security firm NVISO, a firm he co-founded focused on high-end cyber security services, specializing in government, defense and the financial sector.

Upcoming runs of this class

Are you interested in attending this class? You can attend this class in English or learn using simultaneous translation in Japanese at our upcoming Japan Bi-Lingual Live Online training event