Two Pen Testers Walk Into A Bar...

  • Monday, 15 Nov 2021 12:10PM EST (15 Nov 2021 17:10 UTC)
  • Speaker: Nelson Santos

While the 2 Pen Testers walk into a bar, the 3rd one has to stay at work to complete the operation and assemble the report. Sound familiar? Today, with more connected & complex environments, spreading across hybrid and distributed environments, traditional penetration testing is not equipped to provide us with the speed and scale required – to not only complete the job – but to really provide the organization with a risk-based view of their exposures and associated impact. Wouldn’t you want majority of the actions taken by yourself to be automatic? Wouldn’t you want the report to be immediate? Wouldn’t you want the end-to-end attack operation and the path from a CVE to impact to be built automatically? Join Nelson as he shares a different approach to a 20y/old industry that was based on manual and long-process effort.



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