Turbocharging your security program with XDR

Most security analysts are familiar with EDR. Some are familiar with NDR, but very few truly understand what Extended Detection and Response (XDR) brings to the table. That’s understandable because as an industry, we haven’t really standardized an XDR definition or its value proposition. But that’s all about to change. In this interactive webcast, Adam Licata and Jake Williams will define what XDR is and share the top five things you should consider when making your XDR investment.

Adam and Jake will then open the webcast to questions from the audience. This isn’t a “sure hope we have time for questions at the end” webcast where one person gets a question answered. On March 31st at 1pm ET, Adam and Jake effectively will be holding a live AMA (ask me anything) on the topic of XDR, sharing their vast experience operationalizing XDR technologies in a variety of environments. For those questions we don’t get answered live, Adam will keep the conversation going post webcast.

Even if you don’t have questions about XDR, you’re sure to learn from the Jake and Adam’s collective experience (free consulting).