Tracking Internet “Noise” to Reduce Alerts and Predict Attacks

  • Thursday, 05 Aug 2021 3:30PM EDT (05 Aug 2021 19:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Robert M. Lee, Andrew Morris, Founder & CEO, Greynoise

Every machine connected to the internet gets slammed with unsolicited communications from tens of thousands of IP addresses every day. This massive volume of “internet noise” triggers security tools to generate thousands of events that SOC teams must analyze, even though much of the traffic is harmless opportunistic scanning or common business services. But today, a new generation of threat intelligence is emerging that gives analysts the context they need to confidently ignore irrelevant or harmless activity, creating more time to uncover and investigate true threats. Join this webinar to hear GreyNoise founder and CEO Andrew Morris discuss with SANS moderator Robert M. Lee how GreyNoise data can be used to reduce alert fatigue, identify compromised devices, and predict malicious activity. Learn about the challenges of internet noise, GreyNoise’s internet-wide sensor network, and how GreyNoise customers are reducing their alert loads by 25% or more. And check out a live demo of the FREE GreyNoise service.