The Developer-Centric Security Experience: How Modern AppSec Accelerates Remediation Time

Snyk recently released a report on the State of Cloud Native Application Security to define how cloud native adoption has transformed the way modern organizations manage security threats. After surveying over 600 respondents, the report found that high levels of deployment automation empower continuous security testing when building cloud native applications. “Nearly 70% of respondents with high levels of deployment automation were able to test their security daily or more frequently. This was 17x more than respondents who had no deployment automation, and 60% of those only tested their security monthly or less frequently.” – Snyk’s State of Cloud Native Security Report, 2021.

Regular security testing, however, requires integrated tooling that provides a seamless experience for developers who are consistently pressured to bring secure applications to market more quickly. Luckily, developer-centric security companies like Snyk and StackHawk offer modern SCA, SAST and DAST solutions that can be easily implemented in leading CI/CD platforms, like CircleCI, to provide a truly holistic approach to application security throughout the SDLC, reducing remediation time without affecting developer performance or agility.

Join the experts from Snyk and StackHawk to learn how to implement automated static and dynamic security testing across your CI/CD pipeline.