A step-by-step guide to implementing Moving Target Defense in OT Environments

  • Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021 3:30PM EST (10 Feb 2021 20:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Ben Burke

In November 2019, NIST finalized their cyber resilience and fault tolerance publication, 800-160 v2. The document calls for rotating from a Static Defense to a Moving Target Defense posture - something you've been hearing about at SANS for years and many of you have been looking for ways to get internally approved. But as NIST steadily mapped their other publications to 800-160 v2 during 2020, in particular 800-82 and the CSF, more and more of our members found themselves tasked with implementing MTD before their 2021 audits. This webinar will address (1) how to go about technically doing this in a tight timeframe, (2) how to explain these changes to other parts of one's organization so as to get group buy-in, and (3) how to harness the performance benefits that are a byproduct of switching to MTD.