SQL Injection Exploited

  • Friday, 08 Aug 2014 1:00PM EDT (08 Aug 2014 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker:

For almost two decades attackers have been exploiting web applications using SQL injection attacks; gaining access to database content and compromising systems. We have probably all seen news reports that thousands or millions of database records were stolen from a company's web application through SQL injection. Or perhaps about attackers breaking into a government organization and compromising their systems through a similar flaw. But how many of us have actually seen what SQL injection looks like? How many of us have seen someone exploit a system using it? That is what this talk and demo is about.

Come learn about SQL injection, what it is and how to prevent it. But mostly, come to this talk to see a demonstration of a web application being exploited using manual and automated SQL injection techniques. Attendees will leave the talk with a better understanding of the vulnerability, attacker capabilities, and appropriate places where they can try exploiting a system using SQL injection themselves!