So, You Wanna Be a Pen Tester? 3 Paths to Consider

  • Tuesday, 19 Jun 2018 3:30PM EDT (19 Jun 2018 19:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Ed Skoudis

It's an exciting time to be a professional penetration tester. As malicious computer attackers amp up the number and magnitude of their breaches, the information security industry needs an enormous amount of help in proactively finding and resolving vulnerabilities. Penetration testers who are able to identify flaws, understand them, and demonstrate their business impact through careful exploitation are an important piece of the defensive puzzle.

In the course I teach on penetration testing, I'm frequently asked about how someone can land their first job in the field after they've acquired the appropriate technical skills and gained a good understanding of methodologies. Also, over the past decade, I've counseled a lot of my friends and acquaintances as they've moved into various penetration testing jobs. Although there are many different paths to pen test nirvana, let's zoom into three of the most promising. In this SANS Webcast we will explore and discuss those three paths and spend a great deal of time on the questions you have about becoming a professional penetration tester.