Security and Ops Hacks

  • Wednesday, 06 Dec 2017 1:00PM EST (06 Dec 2017 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Sonny Sarai

Today's networks are very noisy. There's too much data spilling in from IT operations and network management systems, endpoints, applications, access control, vulnerability management and security systems (IDS/IPS/SIEMs, endpoint protections, etc). 'Often, this data is all related, but because IT operations and security teams are working in their silos, they cannot see the connections.

For IT ops, the mission is "keeping the lights on" to avoid network and system outages. This is also the mission for Sec Ops, but security teams also need to investigate threats that do get past defenses. Sec Ops also needs to shore up vulnerabilities and continuously monitor for new ones while constantly improving their risk posture. To accomplish their missions, IT and Sec Ops often utilize the same data.

In this webcast, learn how to foster cooperation between both departments for better visibility into threats and threat pathways, while improving overall protection and network hygiene. For example:

  • Start by identifying what data each department uses to do complete their missions.
  • Consider how each department may be utilizing the same data but interpreting it differently and for different reasons (and why those reasons matter).
  • Map how security and operational data can be utilized by both groups.
  • Find allies and identify ways to foster cooperation and teamwork among groups.
  • Share technologies and implement a common interface and workload management system that operations as well as security teams can interpret and follow.
  • Leverage automation strategies to connect disparate security tools to create a single pane of glass for security and operation teams.

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