Security News: Stop Modern Threats and Supply Chain Attacks Natively in Cloud

  • Wednesday, 08 Sep 2021 1:00PM EDT (08 Sep 2021 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dr. Arun Raman, VP of Cloud, Blue Hexagon, James Wenzel, Sr. Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Modern cloud threats, such as supply chain attacks, use TTPs involving malware and command-and-control to infiltrate your VPCs through the network and persist in managed storage such as AWS S3 to achieve their objectives later. To mitigate such threats, AWS and Blue Hexagon recently announced new services and native integrations that combine to break new ground in supercharging your ability to block these threats natively and in real-time.

In this talk, we look at how Blue Hexagon's AI Security integrates with AWS Gateway Load Balancer and AWS Network Firewall to detect and block threats at the most common first incursion point - the network. Furthermore, we explore how the same Deep Learning AI analysis engine connects via AWS S3 Object Lambda to transparently detect and stop lateral spread within your environment.

In this live session, DevSecOps and Security pros will learn how to:

  • Deploy cloud service integrations for true multi-vector defense
  • How to secure the cloud against modern threats, without requiring any code changes
  • Maintain an effective runtime cloud security posture
  • Reduce DevOps overhead and accelerate time to deploy