Secure network access. Get off the box, and step into Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

More and more organizations are asking IT and security to think cloud first. And we aren’t just talking about SaaS applications, entire workloads are being offloaded from on prem, into cloud infrastructures to support business and security resilience. Attend our webinar and learn how you can embrace this transition and tether secure network access resources to the cloud to:

  • Quickly and securely onboard users and devices with zero-touch provisioning of policy
  • Automate and accelerate deployments with Ansible, Terraform pre-built playbooks
  • Gain flexibility to ensure site survivability by offloading management but keeping critical functions on-prem
  • Unify zero trust controls across the distributed network with NAC from the cloud
  • Simplify the management of network policy from anywhere and within any console through APIs