Secure DevOps: Encryption in the Cloud with KMS

  • Monday, 12 Mar 2018 1:00PM EST (12 Mar 2018 17:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Mark Geeslin

So, you have decided to move to the cloud! One of the key questions you should be asking is how will you ensure the security of your data in the cloud. What choices do you have for encryption in AWS, and are they adequate? How will the encryption keys be managed? Which of the many options available are best suited to your environment and your business needs? Can you truly ensure security while remaining efficient enough to support the increasingly rapid-pace of your DevOps teams?

Learn the answers to these and other questions relating to encryption and key management in the cloud in this final installment of the Secure DevOps webcast series. This five-part webcast series covers the topics listed below, which are directly related to the new SANS DEV540: Secure DevOps and Cloud Application Security course.

  • Three Keys to Success
  • Monitoring in the Cloud
  • Faster Feedback with Effective Security Unit Tests in CI/CD
  • Microservices and API Security
  • Encryption in the Cloud with KMS

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