SANS Protects: The Network

  • Wednesday, 31 Aug 2022 1:00PM EDT (31 Aug 2022 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Matt Bromiley, Ritesh Agrawal (Airgap), Bill Franklin (ThreatBlockr), Nick Hunter (Corelight)

SANS Protects is a series of papers focused on the most prevalent threats to specific, critical components of your environment as well as actions you can take to mitigate those threats and thwart threat actors.

In this webcast, SANS Certified Instructor Matt Bromiley will examine current, prevalent network threats and how adversaries use them to take advantage of, and maintain footholds in, victim environments.

This paper also includes an actionable checklist of essential ways that your organization can implement to strengthen its security posture.

Some of the threats we investigate include:

  • The ease of lateral movement in unsegmented networks
  • Unsecured or weakly configured remote access tools
  • How adversaries hide their network traffic and manage to steal data
  • Abuse of networks protocols, such as DNS, to hide among often uninspected traffic

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