SANS Cloud Defender Dallas 2023: Keynote - Seeing Through Clouds - Migration and Loss of Visibility

  • Tuesday, 21 Feb 2023 7:00PM CST (22 Feb 2023 01:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: Simon Vernon
Public cloud is here, and for many organizations in a considerable way. Migration strategies vary between early adopters, nice to haves and forced-upon, due to physical and budgetary constraints. Unless you happen to be in the enviable position where your business is brand new, you have a great security architect and enough capital to implement secure cloud deployments from the get-go, you are in the same boat as many organizations: cloud adoption is based on either lift and shift, total re-build, or worse case: ‘Hope as a strategy’.

Management and visibility are critical to security teams, yet when business moves to cloud platforms, security is often an afterthought of the migration strategy, something that gets in the way of best laid plans. Using alternative approaches can make a huge difference to security posture and overall visibility of IT estates. In my 90 minutes we are going to explore some of those options.