SaaS Security: Balancing Security Risk Management and Business Enablement

  • Wednesday, 05 May 2021 3:00PM EDT (05 May 2021 19:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Shawn Henry, Christine Ray, Adam Gavish

Enterprises continue to increase their use of SaaS applications across all corporate functions to scale and pivot quickly without large capital investments. The challenge that arises from increased SaaS utilization is now critical corporate data is outside your security perimeter, and relies upon the security measures of each SaaS application independently. Since employees use these applications to drive business enablement with vendors, partners, and customers, CISO's and IT teams are now tasked with controlling this unmanageable data access, which poses significant risk and increases the likelihood of a data breach.

So how do you gain visibility into each of these different SaaS applications, in terms of understanding all the internal users, external collaborators, assets, and data? Can you track which external users and domains have access to data in these platforms, or which data and files are still publicly available long after they were initially shared?

In today's ever-changing environment, Security / IT teams must balance their ability to create and enforce policies around data access without inhibiting business enablement nor creating tons of additional manual work for their teams.

Join this DoControl webcast, where Shawn Henry (president of CrowdStrike Services and chief security officer at CrowdStrike), Christine Ray (CISO at Unqork), and Adam Gavish (Co-founder and CEO at DoControl) will discuss the following:

  • What kinds of risks come with SaaS application adoption?
  • Why is just having visibility not enough?
  • Why is looping in employees a critical part of the story?
  • How do manual, labor-consuming security processes add even more risk?
  • How do you get buy-in from executives on SaaS Security?