Robust Enterprise Security Includes SaaS Management

  • Wednesday, 27 Apr 2022 1:00PM EDT (27 Apr 2022 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Matt Bromiley, Justin Moss

Today’s enterprises are not just endpoints and physical perimeters. They include assets hosted across cloud providers and SaaS and third-party applications, just to name a few. Yet, security teams are often still in the dark about the various assets their organization has deployed, especially when it comes to SaaS applications.

An organization that utilizes SaaS applications but doesn't manage them or maintain effective visibility is setting themselves up as an easy target for adversaries. In this webcast, SANS Instructor and Incident Response Consultant Matt Bromiley joins Justin Moss, Senior Sales Engineer at Axonius, to discuss why SaaS management should be an integral part of a robust cybersecurity posture.

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