The Road to Increased Asset Visibility: Building an Effective ICS Security Strategy

  • Wednesday, 24 May 2017 3:00PM EDT (24 May 2017 19:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Eric Cornelius, Aruna Sreeram

In the seven years since \stuxnet," we have witnessed a rise in targeted critical infrastructure attacks. Adversaries'tactics and procedures continue to become more targeted, dynamic, and sophisticated, causing significant harm to companies that are compromised. As critical infrastructure defenders we need to stay ahead in an ever-evolving threat landscape by increasing visibility into ICS devices ' and using this visibility to understand what assets are deployed, whether they are under management or not, their physical location and relationship in the operational technology hierarchy. 'Why? 'Whether you have a Bulk Electric System (BES) cyber asset or a set of controls for a chemical plant, you cannot protect what you don't know you have! 'In order for organizations to have an effective security strategy, you need one that starts with 'visibility ' into all deployed assets. 'Join this webinar to hear from Eric Cornelius, the Director of Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) at Cylance, Inc and a SANS ICS instructor and Karl Perman, Leidos Cyber, ICS Security Expert about current best practices to achieve 'visibility and deep knowledge ' in Critical Infrastructure Security Controls. 'As you gain knowledge of the latest Critical Security Controls update, you will also learn how to leverage visibility to;

  • To create baselines to keep control of your deployed assets
  • Detect changes in the baseline where malware could be lurking
  • Achieving deep ICS device visibility and real-time alerting of devices out of compliance with security policies
  • Use intelligent reports to document system changes
  • How to use new tools to find and report on newly deployed assets in the OT network
  • Putting these newly found assets into a graphical hierarchy