Purple PowerShell: Current attack strategies & defenses

PowerShell has long been considered the main \Living off the Land ' tool in Microsoft Windows. PowerShell-based attack tools such as Empire have proven to be extremely effective for pentesters and real adversaries alike. However, over the past few years, Microsoft has stepped up its game and many security features have been implemented in PowerShell. Examples include Constrained Language Mode, Script Block Logging & AMSI. 'How effective are these defenses in 2019? In this interactive webcast (we will do several demo's). 'We will also look at attacking techniques and defenses.

Erik Van Buggenhout is the lead author of SANS SEC599 - Defeating Advanced Adversaries - Purple Team Tactics & Kill Chain Defenses. Next to his activities at SANS, Erik is also a co-founder of NVISO, a European cyber security firm with offices in Brussels, Frankfurt and Munich.