Prowling Peer-to-Peer Botnets

  • Monday, 02 Dec 2013 1:00PM EST (02 Dec 2013 18:00 UTC)
  • Speaker: George Kurtz

Join George Kurtz, author of the best-selling security book HackingExposed, and his team of top technical experts for quarterly live webcastsfeaturing cutting-edge cyber security topics, discussions, and livedemonstrations.

Peer-to-peer botnets have become the backbone of the cybercrimeecosystem. Due to their distributed nature, they are more difficult tounderstand and contain than traditional botnets. To combat this problem,we have developed the open-source framework *prowler* for peer-to-peerbotnet tracking and node enumeration. It combines efficient crawlingstrategies with the ability to plug in implementations for customapplication layer protocols.

In this live webcast, attendees will learn how touse prowler to reconnoiter and track peer-to-peer botnets. We will showsome real-world examples, interpret the results, and discuss pitfallsand challenges. We will then examine how these results can be used inattempts to attack and take over peer-to-peer botnets.