Protecting People is a Pillar of Cybersecurity: Five Steps To Effective Executive Protection

Protecting your executives takes more than a firewall. These targeted cyberattacks are on the rise with 75% of execs experiencing credential exposure, 60% have PII for sale on underground marketplaces and an astonishing 300% increase of executive impersonations between 2020 and 2021. (Reported by ZeroFox Intelligence)

Even with the pool of security professionals shrinking, security budgets reaching a plateau, and physical and digital security becoming more interwoven, protecting your leaders from external threats doesn’t have to be complicated. In our upcoming webinar, featuring executive protection experts from ZeroFox and Comcast, attendees will learn:

• The growing threat to high profile individuals

• The benefits of an executive protection strategy

• 5 best practices to create an effective executive protection strategy