How to Protect Enterprise Systems with Cloud-Based Firewalls

  • Thursday, 08 Aug 2019 1:00PM EDT (08 Aug 2019 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: David Aiken, Kevin Garvey

As organizations begin their migrations to the cloud, security needs to meet the evolving challenges. Cloud-based firewalls are a key part of those security plans. In this pre-recorded webcast, SANS analyst Kevin Garvey explores key features of cloud-based firewalls and how they differ from more traditional firewalls, the ease with which organizations can manage firewalls in AWS, and advanced features of firewalls that are of significant value to users' organizations.

Specifically, attendees will learn how:

  • Web filtering, network logging, intrusion detection and prevention systems, single sign-on and authentication support, and deep packet inspection function in a cloud-based environment
  • Easily they can manage firewalls through APIs, AWS CloudFormation and independent software vendors
  • Features such as behavioral threat detection and next-generation analytics can enhance the security that firewalls provide
  • A firewall can be deployed and advanced features enabled in an EC2 instance

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