Practical lessons from standing up a greenfield Security Operations Center

  • Thursday, 25 Feb 2021 10:30AM EST (25 Feb 2021 15:30 UTC)
  • Speakers: Chris Crowley, Peter Manev, Joost Bijl

Few organizations have the luxury of building their security technology stack from scratch. But most of us will replace all our controls, tools and systems over the course of the next five years. So, what can we learn from the experiences of a team who just finished building out a brand new security infrastructure and SOC for a managed security services business?

In this webinar, you will hear the key decision points around what to monitor, where to monitor, how to monitor and how to staff the SOC team that went into the creation of growing European managed detection and response (MDR) service provider, Hunt & Hackett. You will learn how you can make data-informed decisions to ensure you don't have detection blind spots.

You will learn the critical role network monitoring plays in their service offering, and understand why they believe the 'network does not lie. ' With the specific example of their network detection and response (NDR) infrastructure, you will learn what solutions the team selected and their no-nonsense approach to network monitoring. And you will see a live demonstration of their capabilities using real-world use cases.

Who should attend:

  • Security operations leaders and staff
  • Security analysts
  • Threat hunters
  • Network security practitioners

What attendees can expect:

  • A brief introduction to the mission of a managed detection and response provider
  • To glean practical insight into the architecture and tool selection required to stand up a brand new SOC
  • To learn how data informs infrastructure and process decisions for each client at Hunt & Hackett
  • A brief introduction to the Stamus Networks network detection and response (NDR) system, Scricius Security Platform and its unique mission to achieve the industry's best detection and seamless integration into the broader security tech stack
  • A live demo showing how the Scirius Security Platform is used for both advanced automated detection as well as guided threat hunting