PowerShell 2022: State of the Art / Hack / Infection

  • Wednesday, 15 Dec 2021 6:30PM EST (15 Dec 2021 23:30 UTC)
  • Speaker: Jason Fossen
Why has PowerShell become so popular for ransomware, hacking tools, cloud computing, and security automation? Isn't PowerShell just another command shell? No! Attend this talk by SANS Faculty Fellow Jason Fossen to see what PowerShell really is, how it's being used (and abused) today, and future trends. If you're unfamiliar with PowerShell or you're taking a SANS course with PowerShell labs, like SEC401 or SEC504, then this presentation is especially for you. You can get the latest version of PowerShell for macOS, Linux or Windows from https://github.com/powershell/ for free.