Pivotal Platform - Getting Started with Native Runtime Protection for PAS

  • Tuesday, 15 Oct 2019 1:00PM EDT (15 Oct 2019 17:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: Dave Shackleford, Bryan Morrow

With its growing install base especially among large enterprises, users of the Pivotal Application Service (PAS), a distribution of Cloud Foundry Application Runtime (CFAR), are in need of a full lifecycle security solution for PAS workloads.

Recognizing this crucial security need, Pivotal has partnered with Aqua Security to offer the only solution available to help organizations build automated security controls into their applications. This is a comprehensive solution protecting PAS applications, starting from development in a CI/CD pipeline through to runtime in production. '

During this webinar you will learn the importance of and how to:

  • Scan your applications for vulnerabilities, malware and misconfigurations
  • Provision policies to block unauthorized applications during the staging phase
  • Apply host assurance policies for application or container artifacts
  • Detect and block unapproved changes to running application workloads
  • Monitor and control application activity based on customized policies
  • View application network connections and apply firewall rules that whitelist authorized connections
  • Leverage granular audit trails of access activity, scan events and coverage, application activity and system events