In a Perfect World...Building the Network Security Architecture for the Future

  • Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018 1:00PM EST (24 Jan 2018 18:00 UTC)
  • Speakers: John Pescatore, Arabella Hallawell, Sonny Sarai

You can't protect an ever-evolving network with a legacy architecture that relies on yesterday's technology. The rise of cloud services, software-defined networks and IoT devices has changed the game in terms of defining an organization's network. Current network security architecture doesn't offer the visibility required for modern-day networks, much less guard against threats roaming within them. Simply put, security practitioners cannot defend against what cannot be seen.

To overcome this, we need to rethink our security architecture. If we had a clean slate and ample budget, how would we develop the ideal network security architecture? This webcast will examine key elements of the network of the future, how those can be implemented and what to keep--or toss--in the process.

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